{ About Me }

hi·jab·u·lous (hĭ-jäb-yə-ləs) adj.
1. Exceptionally stylish yet conforming to the Islamic dress code.
2. A hijabi's guide to staying fabulous in Southern California.

As a hijabi in Southern California, it's not always easy to find modest clothing that's fashionable too. My goal is to provide stylish alternatives to women who want to dress conservatively, without breaking the bank.

I like to be realistic, and generally try to feature items that are available locally and accessible (so no couture items here!). So if I would (or could) buy it, you'll find it here.

My blog is part fashion trends, part hijabi clothing tips, and part sale alerts.

I'd love to hear any suggestions or questions you might have. Contact me at hijabulous@gmail.com.