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Take this Hijab and Love It

"With names like Stylish Muslimah, Hijabi Couture, and Hijabulous, these online fashion forums serve a dual purpose-- they explain and demystify Muslim dress codes for novice muhajibah and curious outsiders, and they cull the web for fashion that can be adapted to their needs."

Muslims find Islamic ways to be fashionable

April 30, 2009

"For a little more money, one can find Muslim-friendly clothes in department stores and boutiques as well. A noteworthy southern California blog called Hijabulous by blogger Aellaboudy holds hundreds of posted pictures from stores, boutiques and designers offering Islamic-friendly fashions. The blogger posts her favorites, which this season include long-sleeve thermal and cotton tees from Jaloux in Victoria Gardens Mall, scarves and sweaters from H&M, tops from Express and Zara, and even an Ed Hardy scarf that could be used as a silky hijab."

March 24, 2009

"Even the Muslim fashion website, Hijabulous, gives them the thumbs-up: “We’ve all been there. The night before Eid and no outfit. The mad dash around the mall, hopeless desperation as stores close. Don’t let this happen to you. [Even] if you procrastinate, all you have to do is pop into one [Forever 21] store and be done!”

Yes, we've all been there, Hijabulous. So, the next time it’s the night before Eid and you find yourself without anything to wear, get thee to a Forever 21."