Spotlight: Artizara

I've been browsing Islamic clothing websites recently and haven't really been seeing anything that I would wear. Most everything's too boring/plain or tacky/fobby. It is a pleasant surprise when I find some things that are super cute. Artizara has some really nice dresses and tunics, check it out:

Malika Silk Gown

Michel Gown

Salma Embroidered Formal Tunic

Michel Formal Tunic

I'm especially loving the Michal Gown, reminds me of ancient Egyptians! As with all websites, there are some pretty gnarly looking outfits, but if you hunt around you'll find some pretty cute stuff.


Rocio said...

so beautiful!!

I wouldn't wear these type of clothes, I mean, my head covers...you know but for you, I think you have and I like a lot these colourful clothes!

What's the name for them in English?

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Sally said...

thats cute its so rome and ancient egypt meets hijab :)

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