Feather Dress/Ed Hardy Scarf Outfit

The dress is from Forever 21 and I absoultely love LOVE Ed Hardy scarves!
All the items can be found locally, click on the image to find out where :)


CutiePatootie said...

sooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!

Sally said...

OMG I LOVE IT! lol woo hoo next years eid outfit

*~Ange~* said...

love the dress

Aisha La Estudiante said...

Much like Forever 21... you are my new favorite :) Love your blog and hijab-erific styles. Oh you SoCal girls (don't hate if I'm from the Bay)

Cutest style... you're on my new hijabi style blog link list.

Artizara really is stunning... their abayas are quite dashing.

Zaenab said...

this is sooo nice, the dress is lush!!

Sumaya said...

i am totally digging those shades.