H&M Hijabs for the Fall

Has anyone been to H&M recently?? If not, you should definitely check it out, they have TONS of fabulous hijabs, as well as a bunch of really nice neutrals we all need to have. I took pictures since H&M doesn't have an online store for the U.S. (I know, weird).


Zaenab said...

h&m do the most wonderful scarves!! and their knitwear it great too.

Anonymous said...


I just wanted to comment on an earlier post. While American Apparel is more expensive, their clothing is made sweatshop-free. Forever 21 may be affordable ( I am guilty of giving in to the $3.80 jewelry at For Love21), but it's often at the cost of its largely immigrant workers who aren't paid nearly enough for their labor and have few rights as employees. Buy American Apparel shirts and they will last longer and keep your conscience in good condition too!

Anonymous said...

i would love to get my hands on the paisley design!