Where to Buy Obey Shirts

You might remember my last post about my obsession with OBEY artist Shepard Fairey's designs. On a recent shopping trip to find something for my brother, I went into Zumiez (a skater store which i never think twice about entering). Lo and behold, Obey shirts on sale!!

Click here for a complete list of all shirts available.

And for some reason, the men's shirts are super tiny, I bought this one in a small and it fit me perfectly!

Metropark also has really great shirts, check out men's and women's.

Plus, they have super cute scarves for only $19!

Hostile Take Over scarf

4 Photo Bandanna

Peace Wreath Bandanna

And this Peace Bomber Scarf is for $24.


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Allison said...

Link to Zumiez selection of Obey tees in post is broken but this should take you to men's and women's styles. Zumiez Obey Tees