Macy's Store Closing in Los Angeles

Hello fellow fashionistas! I have great news, the Macy's store at Ernst & Young Plaza (Citicorp Plaza) in Los Angeles is closing. Well, maybe it's not-so-good news for Macy's, but great for us, because store closings can only mean one thing: major clearance sales!

According to the LA Times article, clearance sales will begin next week. The store is located at 920 Seventh Street Los Angeles, CA 90017, check out the plaza site here.


Sales are starting off at 30-50% off everything store wide, expect escalating discounts as the clearance sale progresses. This location does not carry cosmetics or fragrance. This sale will run until the end of February.

Thanks for the update anonymous tipper!


Anonymous said...

I called into the Macy's in downtown Los Angeles to get more information on the store closing, sales, and clearance items. I posted the information on http://LiquidationMob.com

Hijabulous said...

wow thanks, will update the post :)

Hijabulous said...

totally not worth it... lots of kids clothes, lots of juniors, but no good brands... jewelry and home stuff... yeah nothing for me :/

Anonymous said...

Thanks were there womens clothes and coats? thats what Im looking for