New Store Openings at Victoria Gardens

Remember that one store at Victoria Gardens, Impression? You know the one that opened where Bombay used to be, with all those cheap, ugly clothes? I would always send evil glares and negative energy in that direction and think, what a waste of retail space.

Well turns out, it's gone! And alas, our dreams have come true, because in it's place we're getting.... (drum roll).... an H&M!! Rejoice people of Rancho Cucamonga, you will never have to drive out to Montclair/Chino Hills for cute cheap cardigans ever again! Halleluja!

So, we should be getting it by March... in the mean time, here's some cute hijabi friendly clothes I found at H&M last weekend.

Cardigans in every single color! $16.90

Grey Skirt $49.50

Navy Chiffon Skirt originally $59.50, now 50% off!

...And the had it in Peach too.

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Anonymous said...

Great job sister, keep up the good work!