Turkish Hijab

Over the summer, when I was starting this blog, I came across a bunch of sites selling these shiny satin hijabs that are worn in the Turkish style. They're beautiful and elegant, but super expensive. Who wants to pay $40-50 for a hijab?

Forever 21 to the rescue! Of course, you won't get the same quality as the Turkish hijabs, but they do the trick. The best part is, they're all under $10. Sweet!

Stirrups Satin Scarf $8.80

Monarch Square Scarf (available in black, red, blue, and olive) $8.80

Floral Satin Scarf (available in black and pink) $7.80

Paisley Satin Scarf $8.80

Pastel Paisley Satin Scarf (available in pink and blue) $8.80

Not satisfied? You can get high quality satin hijabs at akeronline or hijabplanet.


Naseem said...

the black, white and golf scarf looks exactly like this one i got from H and M. i like these scarves. my mom thinks they look too old though. have you ever noticed that all turkish hijab models look the exact same?

Rubab said...

I sell these turkish hijabs for $10.00 with FREE SHIPPING. Please visit http://store.auctiva.com/ritzy786 and click on the listings to view full pictures of items.

Anonymous said...

This ebay seller also has nice scarves in this style, and with shipping many of them come out to $10 or less!


Fatimah said...

check out this seller on ebay stores.ebay.com/izdiharboutique beautiful silk turkish scarves at reasonable prices.