Leather Allah Bracelet

How cool is it that Urban Outfitters is selling this leather Allah bracelet? And super cheap, too!

Urban Outfitter Leather and Rope Bracelet - $8

Thanks for the tip Rudy!


Celeritas said...

But people will wear them into the toilet, leave them on the floor and generally not treat them with respect that an item containing the name of Allah swt demands.

Anonymous said...

yea...idk how cool that is. people will use islam and islamic things like that as a fad. not feelin' it. i dont want that Allah bracelet to become the next kabbalah bracelet...

Anonymous said...

*deeeeeeep breath*
Wowwww i love that bracelet. although I would get it for my khateeb rather than myself. Its so cute. I agree with what the two posters before me have said but still. I think its a great conversations starter. like someones like o kewl then you can tell them its Gods name in arabi. and then so on and so forth. you know. like kifeyeh (the palestinian scarf) i wear it basically as a convo starter to spread the message about gaza. i think its a good idea.