Forever 21 Launches a Plus Size Line (Finally)! Say Hello to Faith21

So I'm super excited about the Faith21 line that Forever 21 just launched. It's great for plus size girls, but also for those who just want their clothes not to look like they were painted on. Really though, there has been many a time when even the large at F21 was too snug for my taste. That being said, check out these great new maxi dresses:

Kazya Maxi Dress, $22.80

Midnight Floral Maxi Dress, $24.80

The line is available in several So Cal stores, click here for the full list, or shop online here.


Farheen Dayala said...

yess i'm sooo gladd that they finally have a plus size line. it always annoyed me that forever21 had xs but not xl i get larges a lot from forever21 as well and sometimes it is still a little too tight for me.

if you find denim skirts somewhere...at a decent price can you please let me know? i've tried to look in islamic stores but their demin skirts are HUGE or really nasty looking with patches and funky prints and glitter and whatnot...lol thanks :-)

Ameerah said...

Sometimes I have found some nice jean skirts at JCPenny. They're ususally dark denim but very fashionable nonetheless.