Old Navy Maxi Dresses

After the last two posts on maxi dresses, I got a request to post some cheaper, simpler options, like these ones from Old Navy:

From left: Women's Smocked Jersey Maxi Dress (Shown in Cabot Cove and Navy Stripe) and Women's Tiered Maxi Tube Dress (Shown in Cyclamen) all $29.50

Thanks for the tip Shazia!

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Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaikom,
I have one of these dresses (the one on the left) but in black. IT IS SOOO COMFORTABLE! You know what really blew my mind though? They have the same dress (more or less) in a store called Stitches, I saw it in Windsor (Canada). I have no idea if there is a website... but they were only $12.50. I was so tempted to buy one in every color but I had to save my money. I am still sorry and that was two weekends ago. LOL