Skirt Alert: Free People


sabrina said...

I love Free People, but sometimes I want to throw up on their overpriced crap when I go to a flea market (or take a stroll through my aunt's walk-in) because I'm like, seriously? I could totally get that for like $9.99 on the street in India. But then I remember that I'd have to buy a $1500 plane ticket to get to India, so then I'm like, alright $128 is totally worth a skirt, so I buy it and then I go home and remember that there are children starving in Uganda so then I go back a week later and return it. I try not to go back the next day, because you know, that's just embarrassing.
Good finds, btw. Thanks for sharing:)

Hijabulous said...

LOL!! I know, super overpriced :/ but at least you know the option is there :)