Today's Your Lucky Day: Azuri Scarves Lucky Draw

During my sale hounding, I came across this site called Nimli, that specializes in organic clothing and such. So they have this deal going on with their Azuri pashminas and scarves:

Allow us to offer you this one time opportunity of a LUCKY DRAW!! You pick the scarf, shawl or wrap and we pick the color. You can choose between a variety of shawls, wraps and scarves and then our stylist will choose from a selection of 110 solid or 50 Ombre Colors.

It is kinda retarded that you don't get to pick the color, but you get select scarves (original price $100+) for $10-20! Some of them are cashmere and more pricey, but here are some cheap options:

Wool Wrap $14

These scarves are all natural and look beautiful, not to mention that you'd be getting an amazing deal. They would make a great gift, too (since you don't know what color you're getting). Even with the random color selection, solid scarves are absolutely necessary for your collection. Happy hunting loves!

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eyes serene said...

That is really strange. Maybe they have a bunch of one color in particular that never sold, and they wanna get rid of it. Think of the ugliest color you've ever seen... I bet that's the one. LOL