Hijabi Helper: Miami Day to Night Wedding Outfit

I got this email a couple days ago from one of my readers, Shireen;

"So I'm kind of in a bind, and whilst searching, came upon your website. So I'm really not really in touch with my feminine mystique and have found myself puzzled over what to wear to a wedding. It's a Western (aka white people) destination wedding on a private island in Miami, Florida....except I have no idea what to wear. The day includes a beach party in the afternoon, a wedding ceremony on the beach, and a reception at night (with an afterparty). So I need something that functions for the whole day...err help? All she's listed for attire is "formal evening"...even if I did a wardorbe change in between the SoBe Pool Party and the Wedding Ceremony...what should I wear?"

and of course I was happy to help! Here's the look I came up with:

I chose this maxi dress because it wasn't too formal that you couldn't wear it during the day, but also nice enough to dress up at night.

I paired it with bright contrasting yellow shoes and a cardigan, with silver and white accessories to keep it fun and tropical for the day time; and chose a sheer draped cardigan and silver rhinestone accessories for the night time.

I had a lot of fun creating this outfit and I hope you have fun Shireen!

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