{ The Warehouse Sale } Clearance Sale

I was just talking to a friend of mine, wondering when they were gonna have another clearance sale, and it's this week! I wrote a blog post outlining the whole process, and you can go to thewarehousesale.com to RSVP (you have to pay if you don't). 

Tips: the earlier you show up, the better your selection. There's no dressing room (usually) and if there is, the line is long. Just wear a skirt or some thin leggings for easy try-ons. It's 5 jeans for $100, but if you only want one or two pairs, round up a group of friends and split it. They do take credit, but cash is easier (especially if you're with a group). Beware, some jeans are missing labels or stitching on the back pockets, so inspect your items before you pay.

Other than that, enjoy! I got some great William Rast jeans last time I went. They also have other apparel like clothes and dresses, my friend got a BCBG dress for $20! 

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