Hijabi Tips & Tricks #1

After being a hijabi for over ten years, you start to develop some tips and tricks, some obvious, some not so much. Here's one that you might not have thought of.

Say you have a lovely shirt like this one to the left, but there's this deep v-neck situation going on. No problem, right? Just pop in to Forever 21 and grab a long sleeved tee.

Cool Image

Oh crap, they only have the particular shade you want in a v neck! What to do, what to do? Easy peasy, just wear it backwards, and voila! No need to play peek-a-boo with your scarf and now you have tons more variety to choose from now that you aren't restricted to a crew neck tee.

Got any tips you'd like me to share? Email me at hijabulous@gmail.com

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nita said...

thanks for the idea, i never thought i can wear it backward, hehe