Safari Style Hijabi

Here's another safari trend outfit to close out your summer with!


Almallena said...

Assalaamu' Alaykum sis,

I think your outfits that you post are very cute masha' Allah. I've been watching your blog for some time and Im not sure if you were aware of this or not but skinny or stretch pants are not halal to wear out in public so they would not be considered part of hijab (islamic attire) Surah al-Ahzab ayah 59 says:

Ya ayyuha an-Nabiyy qul li azwajika wa banatika wa nisa al-mu'minin yudnina alayhinna min jalabib hinna; dhalika adna an yu'rafna fa laa yu'dhayn. Wa kana Allahu Ghafur Rahim

O Prophet! Say to your wives and your daughters and the women of the faithful to draw their outergarments (jilbabs) close around themselves; that is better that they will be recognized and not annoyed. And God is ever Forgiving, Gentle.

So from there anything tight or close fitting which shows shape of the body is not adhering to the ayat. Im not saying everyone has to wear abaya even though thats the best form (if loose) but pants and stretch pants in particular are resembling an jilbab. So maybe you could post more skirts and dresses than the pants which are not part of islamic attire (not saying one cant wear them underneath something but not out in public. Also theres some who feel that pants are ok to wear, and if so then wide leg pants would be ideal for it conceals the body more than skinny jeans.

Insha' Allah I hope this was of some help and may Allah forgive me if Im in error. Take care sis. :)

Anonymous said...

i love the color combo. army chic style :D