Lanvin for H&M Full Collection

Love, love, LOVE all the bright colors, ruffles, and accessories. And the shoes? To die for! It'll e in select stores November 20th, and normally I'd say wait till black Friday and maybe they'll have a 25% off or something? But probably not and I have a feeling this collection will sell out.

The collection is available at South Coast Plaza, The Americana in Glendale, The Beverly Center, The Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego, and the West Hollywood location.


Anonymous said...

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IFA Athirah said...

wow!!!so cute!!i love vibrant colours!!

Fitted Mens Suits said...

I've just been bookmarked your blog..I just keep on wanting those stuff..nice collections of fashion dresses and accessories. Keep it up.

3 Button Fitted Mens Suits said...

do we get discount on every product we purchase?

Haute Muslimah said...

Great collection! Although I feel the tee shirts were a bit overpriced..

Hijabs and Co said...

<3 lanvin

church dresses said...

This fashion collection is really making me think that the world of art and design has a lot to offer. Keep it up~!

Le garçon avec les lunettes, said...


Sari.ameL said...

REALLY LOVE LANVIN!!! great fashion art work!!

Mens Suits said...

Wow lovely collections and the colors also one of the great work is the designer.

double-X said...

These are lovely..but do you have any boutiques in Asia?

Nadia said...

Salam aleikum sister,
as your friend in SistersWhoBlog Network, I have given you Stylish Blogger award. You can read more about it in my blog, I hope you like it :).(You may need Google Translator to read the instructions.)