H&M Spring 2011 Bohemian Deluxe Collection

All I have to say is love it! Everything's so flowy and really reasonably priced. Perfect for a Cali Spring/Summer. I snagged the pink and blue dress as well as the copper jumper, and I've got my eye on that orange dress but have yet to see it at any H&M on the Westside. Check out the full collection here.

 Dress, $19.95

 Jumpsuit, $19.95
Dress, $49.95


The Modesty Movement said...

OMG...another blogger just posted pics of her in the jumpsuit, I am sooo getting that one along with the dress trying to keep it easy brezzy beautiful girly all the way till fall :)

xcomplicationsx said...

omg...I saw some of these on t.v and I was like drooling.

I want oneeeeeee.... x_x