Another Way to Help in Palestine

Here's an email I got from my friend Natania. It's not fashion related, but it is a worthy cause!

Assalamu Alaykum,

I am emailing you all today in hopes that I can gather at least a handful of willing people to help me in this initiative to help a few families in Palestine. As you all know one of the most detrimental parts of their struggles is the economic crisis and flat out lack of an economy. Parents cannot provide food for their children, the poverty rates are shocking in the West Bank and even more so in Gaza.

Palestinians have just completed the Olive Harvest for this year and alhamdulliLah have an abundance of fresh zaytoon (olives) and zayt zaytoon (olive oil).A shipment of both olives and olive oil to arrive in So Cal by Dec/Jan.They have sent them in hopes of starting a market here for Palestinian foods and goods. Both are of the freshest quality and their taste is like nothing you could buy in the markets here. Palestine is known for the olives it produces, there are hills and hills of olive trees covering this beautiful land. Olive trees, for many families, are their sole source of livelihood and often, Israeli aggressors will uproot their trees as only another means to oppress the people.

Both the olives and olive oil are sold by "Tank" which translates into 16 liters/ 4.2 gallon and a weight of 16 Kilos/ 50.0 lbs.

Fresh Olives are $75 / tank
Fresh Olive Oil is $125 / tank

There is a delivery fee of $45 due to the costly method of exporting these items. They have asked that you pay for the purchase of the "tank" now and then the delivery fee will be collected once you receive your item(s).

Look at your purchase as not a stop at the grocery store, but an investment into the Palestinian economy that is so desperate for customers. The prices are very reasonable and honestly, probably much cheaper than anything you would pay here for the quality and quantity of these items. Insha'Allah we can sell everything they have sent to us and not have to return anything to them...I know many of our families are capable of helping out. Please sell this email to your parents and pass it on to family, friends, and whomever else you know who would like to help this initiative.

To place an order or for any more information, you can email me at natania.a@gmail.com

Jazakum Allah Khair,


*~Ange~* said...

subhannaAllah i was just thinking about 0live oil last night...
i know that sounds strange but i was thinking how i could get REAL olive oil.. because i have a sneaking suspicion the ones they sell here are over-processed...

Anonymous said...

You know what would be crazy, if the natania you're talking about is the fiance of my husband's very good friend in chicago. I just passed by your blog, and I'm pretty sure there is only one natania in the world lol. Small world if it is :)
Love the website mashAllah, keep it up!