Cheap Hijabs!

Here's another hot tip from my friend Amy. Wal-Mart has some great scarves out, for super cheap!

Seed Supply Co. Organic Cotton Scarf is on sale for $4! It comes in green, black, pink, navy, red, striped (green/orange), and striped (pink/grey).

There's also have this Luxe Jaquard Knit Wrap for only $5. It comes in silver/black (shown).

Thanks again Amy!

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Mona said...

ha, I actually bought some of these $5 ones from wal-mart a while ago. They're super soft and really warm for winter...but I guess that doesn't apply to you west-coast-ers :p plus there were several more colors at the walmart I went to. but yeah.. i like them! (the tag says "spot clean"...so i have no idea what would happen if you threw them in the washer... haven't decided if I should find out)