New Openings

I know, I know it's been foeva-eva. But not to worry, I've been poking around for more hijabulous finds! Some new store opening that I super excited for:

Montclair Plaza

H&M (self explanatory... do I really need to post more pictures of all the amazing stuff H&M sells for hijabis? No? Ok, moving on)

Sidecca: This is a pretty cool/weird store. They pretty much have every basic tee you could ever want. In every color (literally), check it out:

That's a lot of freakin' cardigans man, and the price is pretty sweet:

And the long sleeve tees, a must have, 2 for $18:

Victoria Gardens Mall

American Apparel: This store isn't open yet, and though I'm not a fan of spending $26 for this Sheer Jersey Long Sleeve T when you can get 2 for $12 at Forever 21, it's pretty awesome for those hard to find colors when you're shopping for a Eid outfit the night before and are on the brink of a fashion disaster.

Cache: This store I'm actually feeling kinda lukewarm about. It's more for women in the 30-40 age group, but they did have some nice things, like this Mandarian Collar Gold Foil Dress.

Metropark: Ok so this place isn't really that new. It's been around for a couple of months, but I never went in before today. They have tons of cool brands, my favorite and latest obsession is Obey, check this out:

There's a freakin' hijabi in this Four Photo Bandana, lower right corner!

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Zaenab said...

cool pics, i love h&m :D