Nicole Richie for Bebe

Ok so... I had to share this. Nicole Richie is designing some "exclusive" jewelry for Bebe... looks just like the House of Harlow jewelry at Kitson, but whatever. I see this headpiece and just as I'm thinking how cool it would look over a hijab, I see the price tag. $400, really?! Of course, the only piece I like in the line would be ridiculously over priced... sigh. Anyhow, what do you guys think, would you rock it?


Anonymous said...

It's so funny that you posted this today.
I was just on BeBe yesyerday looking for a pair of boots I want & I saw this & another one they had.
I thought "ohh this is cute...$400? your crazy Nicole, your already uber rich! WTHeck?"

Even for BeBe standards this is cute but Wayyyy overpriced...but, still super lustworthy..lol

Jillian said...

I think you could probably make it yourself for about $5 worth of sequins and a hot glue gun.

gus said...

Other Jillian (cmon, spell it right! ;)) is right -- it would be easy to make. You could do better than sequins, even -- the kinds of coins on bellydance scarves would work, or really just about anything from a bead store.

I found your blog through Bitch Magazine -- I like it!

--Gillian (most people call me Gus)

Hijabulous said...

I probably will make something like that myself, since I already make and sell jewelry :)

Gus: really? lol i've never heard of bitch magazine, where exactly on the site did u find me?